• Testimonials

  • Ruben is a serious muso, who recorded solo and duet voice items with piano in a school music hall, achieving fantastic results!

    He has a relaxed yet professional attitude, which made our girls feel comfortable. They shone under his guidance, and together a beautiful performance was born!

    Thank you, Ruben....

    Ros Blake Vocal and Piano Teacher August 6, 2015

    Chico Muya

    I, Chico Muya, recorded my first (ever) single with Ruben Thomas.
    It was a beautiful experience. His patience and his understanding of his craft made me feel free to explore my creativity in its entirety. Ruben was always happy to throw in suggestions and ideas, making me feel as though I was right at home.
    My single was beautifully recorded and it's still performing really well on radio. Go Ruben!

    Chico Muya Recording Artist August 21, 2015

    Raheem Kemet

    "The feel of LYD studios always brings a sense of home which in turn allows me to be comfortable as an artist and push levels of creativity during the recording process. I've always been satisfied with the end product after every session. I've worked on an entire album at LYD in the past and I have a strong intention of heading back and working on more future material. Ruben Thomas is the type of engineer that brings out the best in an artist and in my eyes is highly reccommended."

    Raheem Kemet Artist August 6, 2015

    Hi All,

    As a musician being involved in and around the Durban music scene for the last 12/13 years both as a drummer and singer/songwriter,I have had the privilege of recording in a couple of studios in Durban.Recording with Ruben at LYD studios has been a very pleasant experience for me.I have found that being a active musician himself both as recording and performing artist He understand what it takes for a musician to make a recording and so his understanding and expertise has made it very easy for me to record at LYD studios. Its a great studio and with the recent upgrades that have been made has turned it into an even better top class studio with top class gear and equipment.I would gladly recommend recording at LYD studios for its sufficient and professional service.Thanks.

    Karel Jordaan Musician August 8, 2015

    Ruben Thomas is an extraordinary musician, mentor and recording artist. I have personally used his skills to assist to record music by the band Customized. The band at the time of recording was made up of adolescents. Ruben motivated the boys to work long hours, assisted them to get a fine tuned product, enabled them to be creative, and produced some incredible work for them. I am very happy to share any of the recordings with interested parties.

    Ruben has also assisted me on numerous occasions to record voice tracks to be used in various mediums at uShaka Sea World. His efficient manner and easy working environment create a comfortable space for voice artists. His ear for perfection and strong work ethic ensure a speedy service and a high quality product.

    I would strongly recommend the services of LYD productions.

    Gabrielle Harris Animal Behavior Management and Guest Experience South African Association for Marine Biological Research August 6, 2015

    Carmen Artist

    I have great pleasure of knowing and have worked with a passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic music producer such as Ruben Thomas.
    He took my lyrics, composed the music to my songs and made them come alive with such ease.

    LYD productions is not just any studio, it holds pride and beliefs. LYD feels like home to me as I've started off my music career there and my building blocks of this industry began with Ruben.
    Ruben always showed a personal interest in my music and I enjoyed that he worked from the heart.
    I cannot thank him enough for starting off my amazing journey.


    Carmen Rodrigues Artist August 7, 2015