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  • I've spend many nights on the subject of mixing, asking myself 'What constitutes a good mix?' and 'How can I achieve that 'big' sound with the equipment available to me'. The more I descended into the 'Art of Mixing', the more I became aware of the need to learn how to listen to the finer details and concede to the fact that mixing and finding your 'own sound' is something that can only happen by doing and inevitable trial and error (at least in my case).

    LYD is setup for mixing in the digital domain (in the box). The final mix is then bussed to seperate stems for final analogue summing through the Midas preamps. Though there is a lot of disagreement on whether summing in the box or analogue makes a difference, to my ears there is a vast difference, especially regarding width and depth of the final stereo mix. 

    You can listen to some sample mixes on the SoundCloud Player at the bottom of this page. Should you like the sound and are interested in me mixing one of your tracks or entire album, you can conveniently upload your multitrack .omf file via the upload form below.

    You can pay via Visa or MasterCard through the PayPal link!

    As always, I'm looking forward being of service to you!

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