• Location Recording

  • Location Recording

    In need of recording on location? No problem!

    'The Studio is fully mobile and capable of recording up to 24 channels simultaneously.' 

    There's something very special about recording at different venues and halls, as each location has got it's own unique tonal characteristic. Many schools, churches and live venues have facilities that are very suitable to recording. Another great aspect of recording on location is familiarity for the performers. I find that especially working with students, being able to record in a familiar environment instead of a vocal booth is very helpful. 

    Churches with big Worship Teams ( eg. full band and choir) can also benefit from recording on location. It allows the entire congregation to be a part of the experience and again, recording in ones known environment makes the process very convenient and personal. 

    For more information on Location Recording and pricing, feel free to contact me at any time! 

    I look forward being of service to you!