• Events

  • Into the Night Festival

    'Into the Night Festival' was a joined initiative of Jack Rabbits, Morningside and LYD Productions to uplift and promote local Performers from Durban, South Africa. The entire event was filmed and multitrack recorded by LYD Productions. Each performer received a free DVD copy of their entire performance and a Sampler DVD with one track by each performer. The idea was to give local unrecorded musicians the means to use the recordings for copyright purposes so they could start earning royalties on their live performances and have some visuals to use on social media platforms for marketing purposes. 

     You can check out some of the footage on the LYD YouTube Channel (link is at the bottom of the page) 

  • Hope for Brooklyn

    Hope for Brooklyn was a awareness campaign for a little girl suffering from HLH, a very rare disease that attacks the immune system. Thanks to East Coast Radio and our local press we managed to get helpful publicity and support. The actual charity event was initiated by Invest Gold and LYD Productions was hired to handle logistics, technical execution and artist line up of the evening. 

    Brooklyn and the Rex Family are still in need of support and should you wish to know more or donate towards their cause please feel free to do so here www.brooklynrex.com

  • Bass Players Day 2015

    Still wrapping up!