• Even though I have and still do basic mastering, I would not call myself a mastering engineer. Even though software plugins have become readily available and are making it possible to ‘master’ yourself, it’s not necessarily my preference. I think of mastering as a completely seperate art form to mixing and recording. In my experience, working with an outside ear for the last polishing of a track has many benefits. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dana White from Specialized Mastering in Portland on a few projects and I’ve come to appreciate the art of mastering a lot more. It’s been really great to have another professional ear listening from a unbiased point of view. I managed to still fix a few things in the mix thanks to his advise. Hence, I’ve become aware of the importance to have tracks mastered by a dedicated mastering engineer, it makes the end result that much better!

    For those of you who are only now starting to take an interest in recording or those who are in bands, I’m hoping to have some simple videos illustrating the basics soon!! So stay tuned!